Sports and Exercise Psychology Research

The aim of the sports and exercise psychology research is to examine psychosocial and psychophysiological behaviour and human movement across the lifespan. Current research projects include examination of motivational style profiles and physical activity participation, assessment of motor skills proficiency and psychological health in individuals with special needs, development of experimental protocols to diagnose and improve cognitive and motor functions, and psychosocial and environmental correlates of physical activity in school environments.

On-going Funded Research Grants (as a capacity of Principal Investigator [PI] or Co-Investigator [Co-I]):
  1. Physical activity engagement and opportunities for children with disabilities in special school environments. General Research Fund (GRF), 2012; PI.
  2. Understanding the relative contribution and interactive effects of psychological, social and environmental correlates of physical activity, sedentary behaviours and dietary behaviours in Hong Kong adolescents. Health & Health Services Research Fund, 2012, Co-I.
  3. Understanding physical activity, sedentary behaviours, dietary behaviours and body weight in Hong Kong adolescents. National Institutes of Health (NIH), US Government, 2011; Co-I.
  4. Understanding the impact of the neighborhood environment on physical activity, quality of life and depressive symptoms in older adults. General Research Fund (GRF), 2011; Co-I.


Cindy Hui-ping SIT (薛慧萍)
Associate Professor
Tel: 3943 4126

Dr. Jane Jie YU (于潔)
Postdoctoral Fellow
Tel: 3943 6085

Tracy R. LI (李如)
PhD Student
Tel: 3943 9359