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Sports Biomechanics and Injury Prevention Research

The objective of the research laboratory is to study musculoskeletal biomechanics related to human health, mobility, and injury prevention. Research projects usually involve experimental measures of human movement dynamics, and often combined with computer-based modelling efforts. A key focus of the laboratory is the prevention of fall-related injury (e.g., traumatic brain injury, hip fracture, wrist fracture) in older adults. Particularly, we seek to understand biomechanical and physiological risk factors for injury and mobility impairment in older adults, and to develop and evaluate novel interventions for injury prevention. Our goal is to conduct high quality and evidence-based research that will lead to significant impact on people’s health and quality of life.


1. Examining Mobility Patterns and Fall Mechanisms in Older Adults
  • Physical activity monitoring (e.g., wearable sensors) and gait analysis (e.g., computerized walkway system) in older adults
  • Analysis on the biomechanics of falls (Fig. 1), in collaboration with the Injury Prevention and Mobility Laboratory at Simon Fraser University, Canada
Fig. 1. Fall Biomechanics and Risk of Hip Fracture (Details)

2. Determining Risk Factors Associated with Injury
  • Biomechanical factors associated with the risk of injury (e.g., head, knee) in sports (Fig. 2)
  • Physiological and biomechanical risk factors for injuries (e.g., head injury, hip fracture) during falls in older adults (Fig. 3)
Fig. 2. Head Injury in Sports (Details)

Fig. 3. Head Impact during Falls in Older Adults (Details)

3. Developing and Evaluating Strategies for Injury Prevention
  • Physical activity programs to enhance mobility and strength in older adults (Fig. 4)
  • Protective gear for injury prevention (e.g., head gear, hip protector) (Fig. 5)
  • Education to increase public awareness and knowledge for injury prevention
Fig. 4. Guideline on Recreation Therapy to Promote Mobility among Older Adults (Details)

Fig. 5. Hip Protector to Prevent Hip Fracture in Older Adults. (Details)

  1. Mechanisms and Severity of Head Impact in Collegiate Soccer Players
  2. Hip Protectors to Prevent Hip Fracture of Older Adults in Hospitals and Care Homes
  3. The Associations between Fall Biomechanics and Injury Patterns among Older Adults in Residential Care
  4. Strategies to Engage Older Adults in Physical Activity in Assisted Living Facilities
  5. Effects of Exercise Programs on Strength and Mobility for Older Adults in Care Homes
  6. Inter-Professional Education for Health Promotion


Yi-Jian YANG (楊懌健教授)
Assistant Professor
Email: yyang@cuhk.edu.hk
Telephone: (852) 3943 4001

Oscar C.Y. HO (何卓諺)
Research Assistant
Email: cy.ho@link.cuhk.edu.hk
Telephone: (852) 3943 0649

Cindy K.Y. TAM (譚嘉楹)
Part-time Research Assistant
Email: 1155136984@link.cuhk.edu.hk
Telephone: (852) 3943 0649


Biomechanics Laboratory

1. Vicon Bonita Motion Capture Cameras for Kinematic Measurement

2. Kistler Force Plate to Quantify Body Sway and Balance

3. GAITRite Computerized Walkway for Gait Analysis

4. FallScreen - Physiological Profile Assessment (PPA) (https://www.neura.edu.au/research-clinic/fbrg/)


Lower Limb Strength

Reaction Time

Tactile Sensitivity

5. Xsens Wireless Motion Tracker