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Ms Cheung Ka-Yee, Crystal
Title: The Effect of a Moral Education Program on Primary School Physical Education Children in Hong Kong.

Ms Wong Chi-Wing
Title: Comparison of Beginning and Experienced Teachers' Receptivity to and Concerns with Physical Education Curriculum Change.

Mr Wong Pui-Lam, Del
Title: Perceived Comfort Evaluation and Plantar Pressure Distribution: Comparison among Three Soccer Shoes.

Ms WAI Chi-Man, Veronica
Title: The Impact of Adventure Programming on Self-efficacy: A Process Analysis.

Ms CHAN Oi-Wan, Cherry
Title: Effect of Consumption of Carbohydrate-electrolyte Solution on Running Performance after Pre-exercise Glycemic Index Meal.

Ms TAM Kok-Wing, Karin
Title: Exercise Determinants of Hong Kong Chinese Female University Students: A Qualitative Enquiry.

Ms MA Man-Yan, Ada
Title: The Orientation of Hong Kong Parents towards Physical Activity and It's Influence on Children's Activity Patterns.

Mr LAU Tsz-Chung, Ryan
Title: A biomechanics study of school-bag carrying during stair ascent and descent by children.

Ms CHEUNG Pui-Yee, Peggy
Title: Evaluation of Different Stepping Frequencies in Step Test for Assessing the Aerobic Fitness of Chinese Children.

Ms HO Wing-Yee, Cary
Title: Secondary School Athletes' Attributional Style and Self-Esteem: Do Different Academic Standings Make a Difference?

Mr LOK Cheuk-Ming, Andy
Title: Effect of Pre-exercise Carbohydrate Meals on Running Performance.

Mr SIU Ming-Fai, Parco
Title: Effect of Frequency of Glycemic Index Meal Consumption on Short-Term Recovery and Subsequent Exercise Performance.

Mr TONG Kwok-Keung, Tom
Title: The Effects of Rib Cage Compression on Exercise Performance and Respiratory Response During Heavy Exercise in Man.

Mr LUK Tze-Chung, Jim
Title: Effects of Work Station Design on Muscle Loading During Manual Task in Animal House Workers.

Ms CHAN Suk-Ping
Title: The Effects of Static Stretching on Flexibility, Muscle Myoelectric Activity, Muscle Performance, Passive Resistance of Hamstrings and Rating of Perceived Stretch.

Mr SHEK Chung-Kwong
Title: The effects of Combined Physical Fitness Training on Muscular Strength, Balance and Flexibility of Older Persons