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Dr Rosetta Suet-ying MUI


Dr Rosetta Suet-ying MUI
Department of Sports Science and Physical Education
BSci (U of Arizona), PhD (Cardiff U), MSocSc (HKBU), PgDE (Edu U)
+852 3943 9233
Dr Rosetta Mui is currently a lecturer in the Department of Sports Science and Physical Education at CUHK. Before joining SSPE, she has served in the PE Department in HKBU and the Department of Psychology in HKU. Dr Mui was an elite athlete in Chinese Martial Arts (Wushu), represented Hong Kong in international competitions including Asian Games and East Asian Games. She is also an experienced manager, who has led the Hong Kong Wushu team as coach and team manager to various international championships.
Research Interests
  • Cognitive science & Motor learning
  • Observational learning
Selected Publications
  1. Chung, P.K., Mui, R, Zhao, Y.N., & Liu, J. D. (2014). Training Effects of Water Tai Chi on Health Indicators among Chinese Older Females in Hong Kong. International Journal of Physical Education, Sports and Health, 1(2): 20-24
  2. Mui, R., Hazelgrove, M., Pearce, J.M. & Heyes, C.M. (2008). Automatic imitation in budgerigars. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London: B, 275: 2547-2553
  3. Mui, R., Haselgrove, M., Futter, J., McGregor, A., Heyes, C., Pearce, J.M. (2007). The Discrimination of Biological Motion by Budgerigars and Pigeons. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes, 33(4): 371-380
  4. Badyaev, A.V., K.P. Oh, Mui, R. (2006). Evolution of sex-biased maternal effects in birds: II. Contrasting sex-specific oocyte clustering in native and recently established populations. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 19: 909-921
Courses Taught
  • Research Methods
  • Teaching Badminton
  • Teaching Practice
Selected Honours and Awards
  • Overseas Research Studentship, British council, 2004-2007
  • Hong Kong Wushu Representative, Asian Game, 1998
Selected Professional Services
  • Chair, Program Validation Panel. BSc (Hons) in Sports Management with Coaching, Hong Kong College of Technology
  • External Examiner. Diploma Yi Jin Programme, Hong Kong Institute of Technology
  • External Examiner. Higher Diploma in Fitness, Coaching and Sports Management, Hong Kong College of Technology
  • Member, Executive Committee. Hong Kong Wushu Union
  • Officer, Civil Aid Service
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