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Greater China Region Physical Literacy Symposium


Physical Literacy – In/Visible Public Health and Physical Education Agenda in Greater China Region


Physical literacy is the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge, and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life (IPLA, 2017). The research and development of physical literacy has therefore become a prevalent topic in the fields of allied health, physical activity, physical education and sport in recent years. This symposium is officially accredited by the International Physical Literacy Association (IPLA). In order to strengthen the development of physical literacy’s concepts, implementation programmes and assessment works in the Greater China Region, Chinese researchers from Mainland China, Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong (including their postgraduate students) will be invited to participate in the symposium. Roundtable colloquium/public lectures/workshops/school visit will also be organized for the researcher-participants. This symposium not only aims at providing insights to the researcher-participants such that they can gain a full understanding of the research process, effectively reflect on their practice, and collaborate research works accordingly; but also hopes to connect scholars among the Greater China Region and with the International Physical Literacy Association (IPLA). In addition, a ‘Greater China Region Alliance for Physical Literacy (GCRAPL)’ (tentatively named) will be established after the symposium. The GCRAPL will be committed to informing, guiding and developing a clearer resolution to the physical literacy education regionally. Concept integration, a variety of strategic interventions and assessment approaches of physical literacy which will be filling the current gaps among the Greater China Region.



Department of Sports Science and Physical Education, CUHK
Physical Education Unit, CUHK


University Education Award, CUHK
Faculty of Education, CUHK
Department of Sports Science and Physical Education, CUHK
Physical Education Unit, CUHK



Chair – Professor Sum Kim Wai Raymond (Associate Professor, SSPE, CUHK)
Vice Chair – Dr Leung Fung Lin Elean (Director, PEU, CUHK)
Member – Mr. Yuen Pak Yan Bryan (Deputy Director, PEU, CUHK)
Member – Ms. Li Ming-Hui (PhD year 3 Student, SSPE, CUHK)
Member – Mr. Choi Siu Ming (PhD year 2 Student, SSPE, CUHK)
Member – Ms. Huang Yan Hayley (PhD year 1 Student, SSPE, CUHK)



Date & Time

12th – 13th December 2019 (Thursday - Friday)
9:00am – 5:30pm


University Sports Centre,
LT4, Yasumoto International Academic Park (YIA),
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Proposed Activity Details

Panel Discussion – by invitation

  1. Roundtable Colloquium: Physical Literacy Education – In/visible Public Health Agenda and PE Curriculum in Greater China Region
    (Chaired by: Prof. Sum Kim-Wai Raymond, CUHK)

Public Lecture

  1. Philosophical Enquiry on Physical Literacy - A Greater China Region’s Perspective  
    (Presented by: Prof. Sum Kim-Wai Raymond, CUHK)

  2. Physical Literacy – A Concept to Integrate Sport Reforms and Developments in Contemporary Era in Mainland China  
    (Presented by: Prof. Ren Hai, BSU)

  3. Toward a Literacy-oriented Educational Practice: Implementations of the National Physical Education Curriculum in Taiwan
    (Presented by: Prof. Lin Ching-Ping, NTNU)

  4. Physical Literacy in Taiwan: Retrospect and Prospect
    (Presented by: Prof. Shy Deng-Yau, NTNU)

  5. Physical Education and Physical Literacy Development in Macau  
    (Presented by: Prof. Lei Si-Man, UM)

  6. Exploring the Future of Physical Literacy for Older Adults from the Perspective of Sports attitudes, Active Aging and Health Beliefs
    (Presented by: Prof. Lin Li-Chuan, NCKU)


  1. Chinese Assessment of Physical Literacy in Primary School
    (Presented by: Ms. Li Ming-hui, PhD student, CUHK)

  2. The Development and Application of Sport Education and Related Pedagogy Methods in University Required Physical Education
    (Presented by: Mr. Ho Wai Keung, lecturer and Mr. Choi Siu Ming, PhD student, CUHK)

Oral Presentation

  1. Active Classroom Intervention for Promoting Physical Activity, Physical Literacy, Sleep Quality and Cognitive Function of Primary School Students
    (Presented by: Ms. Li Ming-hui, PhD student, CUHK)

  2. Effects of Sport Education Intervention on Students’ Perceived Physical Literacy and Physical Activity Levels in University Required Physical Education  
    Presented by: Mr. Choi Siu Ming, PhD student, CUHK)

  3. Physical Literacy for Older Adults: Retrospect and Prospect
    (Presented by: Ms. Huang Yan, PhD student, CUHK)

  4. Building Physical Literacy in Physical Education Curriculum Design by Teaching Games for Understanding
    (Presented by: Prof. Liu Chia-Chen, Assistant Professor, NTCU)

  5. The Assessment of Physical Literacy Revisited: Questions to be Addressed  
    (Presented by: Dr. Wei Feng-Min, Post-doctoral Fellow, NTNU)

  6. Seeking the Meaning of Physical Literacy in Taiwan in a Global Context  
    (Presented by: Prof. Chang Ching-Wei, Assistant Professor, NTNU)

  7. The Development and Application of Physical Literacy Oriented High School Physical Education Curriculum Mapping in 12-year Curriculum  
    (Presented by: Ms. Chan En-Hua, PhD student, NTNU)

  8. Between Sports Literacy and Physical Literacy: The Clarification of Concepts and Relationships  
    (Presented by: Ms. Ju Fang-Yuan, PhD student, NTNU)

  9. Physical Literacy in Physical Education: A Systematic Review
    (Presented by: Ms. Wang Yi, Graduate student, UM)

  10. Physical Literacy: The Continuity of Tradition and the Construction of Modernity
    (Presented by: Prof. Luo Xiang-Lin, Professor, Hunan Normal University)

  11. On the Idea of Physical Literacy and the Development of Teenagers' Sports
    (Presented by: Prof. Wang Fang, Associate Professor, BSU)

  12. Research on the Transformation and Development of Chinese Sports Schools under the Guidance of the Concept of Physical Literacy
    (Presented by: Prof. Zhang Dian-Bo, Associate Professor, Shandong Sport University)

School Visit – by invitation

  1. One primary school focusing on developing physical literacy education and active classroom will be visited


Proposed schedule of the symposium



  • The abstract should be 300~500 words in Chinese
  • The first page of the manuscript should include the following information: the title of the abstract(Chinese and English), the name of the author (Chinese and Hanyu Pinyin/English), the institution and title of the author, contact number, email address, and 3~5 keywords


  • Please submit the abstract (.docx/.doc,.pdf) by E-mail to: kwsum@cuhk.edu.hk
  • Please be reminded: The E-mail theme should be named according to the "PL Symposium Abstract Submission + First Author Name". The attached file of the abstract should be named according to the "first author name + abstract title"

  • Abstract submission: September 30~October 15
  • Abstract notification of acceptance to authors: October 4~October 22