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The 6th East Asian Game (EAG)– Karate Female Kumite -55kg Silver Medal

Here comes my first (but last) ever East Asian Game.

After training as a full time Elite Athlete for more than two years, I finally got the chance to attend the large scale Game like this. It is certainly not easy to get to this stage. I felt honored to be one of the representatives. Winning a silver medal is a big encouragement for me to pursuit my next goal.

Inevitably, athletes would experience different degrees of injuries. Last year I had experienced Grade II medial collateral ligament injury. At first when I returned back to normal trainings, I was so uncertain and stressful about my performance. I even lost confidence in myself. Unexpectedly, I overcame the psychological barriers and managed to achieve excellent results in Asian Championship. This year, I have lumbar disc herniation that cause me low back pain every day. And I have to prepare that my athlete life might end at any time when the situation gets worse. However, instead of being pessimistic, I am so determined to fulfill my dream. I know if I don’t do it now, I am not able to do it later on. Opportunity knocks but once. Seize or you never know when next is coming.

“Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect.” This sentence becomes my motto to drive myself to pursuit my goals.

At the end, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to SPE teachers for their care, guidance and support. Thank you for offering me the opportunity to study in university. Thank you for inspiring me to find my life direction. Thank you for making me to whom I am today.