Department of Sports Science and Physical Education

Faculty of Education, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Physical Activity and Sports Nutrition Research

During the past number of years, our research group has focused its study on sports nutrition, with a particular emphasis on the application of the glycemic index in exercise performance. Research in children’s physical activity (PA) has also been developed as a significant research area in our laboratory. Our group has been successfully collaborating with renowned researchers from different countries in investigating the environmental correlates of physical activity and sedentary behaviors in Hong Kong schoolchildren. Such collaborations have resulted in publications of high quality referred journals and success in applications of research grants. Recently, we have expanded our research to examine both eating behaviors and physical activity in the development of childhood obesity.


Sports Nutrition & Exercise Performance
  • Glycemic Index and Exercise Performance
  • Thermoregulation Responses During Exercise
  • Applied Physiology of Sports Science
  • Rehydration in Exercise
  • Effect of Compression Garment

Physical Activity & Health
  • Correlates of Children's PA & Sedentary Behaviors
  • Jumping Activities on Children's Bone Health
  • Internet-Based PA Intervention in Youth
  • Promotion of PA & Health


Stephen H. WONG Ph.D., FACSM (王香生)
Department Chairman and Professor
Honorary Professor, University of Sydney
  • Sport Nutrition & Exercise Performance
  • PA & Sedentary Behavior

John O'REILLY Ph.D., CSCS (何禮樂)
  • Applied Physiology of Sport Science
  • Hydration & Sport Nutrition

Daniel Chi-Wo LEE (李致和)
  • Compression Garment & Performance
  • Jumping Activities & Bone Health

Lu QIN (覃璐)
Ph.D. Student
  • Exercise Metabolism & Performance
  • Psychophysiological Effect of Sport Nutrition

Eric Tsz-Chun POON (潘梓竣)
Ph.D. Student (Hong Kong Ph.D. Fellow)
  • Sport Nutrition & Fitness
  • Training & Health Benefits

Yan SHI (石妍)
Ph.D. Student
  • PA & Sedentary Behavior of Children
  • Gender & Health Behavior

Ph.D. Student (Hong Kong Ph.D. Fellow)
  • Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour
  • Cardiometabolic Health

Dr. Parco SIU - Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Dr. Wendy Y. HUANG - Hong Kong Baptist University
Dr. Fenghua SUN – Education University of Hong Kong

  1. Compensation for Insufficient Weekday Physical Activity & Sleep on Weekends: Associations with Obesity Risk in Adolescents
  2. A single session of high intensity interval exercise versus continuous exercise on physiological and psycho-perceptual responses in insufficiently active males
  3. Promoting Physical Activity among Adolescents in Hong Kong Using an Internet-based Program
  4. A Model of Knowledge Translation: The Active Healthy Kids Report Card on Physical Activity for Hong Kong Youth
  5. Bone Health Research on Hong Kong Professional Jockeys
  6. Regular In-School Jumping Intervention on the Bone Density of Calcaneal among Hong Kong Prepubescent Children
  7. Graduated Compression Tights on Hemodynamic Responses of Head up Tilt Testing in Healthy Adults

VISITING SCHOLARS (2005 – Present)
  • Dr. Ajmol Ali, Massey University, New Zealand (July 2015)
  • Dr. Eimear Dolan, Robert Gordon University (May-Sept 2014)
  • Prof. Li Zhijun, Shanghai Research Institute of Sport and Exercise Science (Dec 2011)
  • Prof. Ruan Enqian, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Dec 2011)
  • Prof. Zhang Jianguo, Nanjing Normal University (Jan 2009) Supported by United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia
  • Dr. Yan Yi, Beijing Sports University (June – July, 2008)
  • Prof. Li Li, Harbin Institute of Physical Education (Nov – Dec, 2007) Supported by United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia
  • Prof. Weng Xiquan, Guangzhou Institute of Physical Education (Sep – Nov, 2007)
  • Prof. Fang Zilong, National Research Institute of Sports Science (Mar – June, 2005) Supported by United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia