Department of Sports Science and Physical Education

Faculty of Education, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Physical Education Pedagogy Research

Physical education is one of the eight Key Learning Areas (KLAs) of the Hong Kong school curriculum. In line with the recent education reform initiation, Sport Pedagogy & Physical Activity Assessment Laboratory focuses on the study of teaching and learning, curriculum and design, continuing professional development and broader social and educational issues that pertain to Physical Education. For example, fostering a student-centred instructional approach to enable students to achieve all-round development.

Teacher Education and Professional Development
Through examining current issues in physical education and sport pedagogy, much of the work has addressed the professionalism of Physical Education teachers and its relation to students’ learning effectiveness. In addition, with Physical Education being one of the KLAs in recent educational reforms, the research team has attempted to explore ways to enhance the students’ learning experiences in formal and informal school curriculum. Through international collaborations with prominent scholars in North America, Australia and China, the team has developed an "East meets West" approach in receiving and informing latest issues in physical education and sport pedagogy research.

Professor Amy Ha and her research team are working on projects examining social and psychological factors that affect health-related physical activity (PA) participation and engagement in physical education among primary and secondary school students. These projects are grounded on theoretical frameworks such as constructivism, self-determination theory and ecological model. Recent studies involve examinations of psychological and social factors associated with students’ PA patterns both during and outside school hours, as well as investigations of the effectiveness of school-based interventions in improving fundamental movement skills, physical activity, physical fitness and social skills among schoolchildren. Professor Ha has also received donations to promote rope skipping at local schools. These research studies and promotion programs inform curriculum development and improve existing teaching practices, thereby helping physical education teachers to adopt a more student-centred approach to giving instruction, and formulating strategies to cater for student diversity.

Recently, the team has begun a series of studies using family-school partnerships and strategies. Through collaborative relationships and activities involving school staff, parents and other family members of students, the team aims to create a more supportive environment to promote sustained behaviour change and lifelong participation in physical activity among schoolchildren.

Professor Uwe Pühse from the University of Basel of Switzerland visited Professor Amy Ha’s Research Team and Sport Pedagogy and Physical Activity Assessment Laboratory
School- and community-based projects were conducted to improve the fundamental movement skills of students from kindergartens and primary schools.

Professor Amy Ha led family-based projects to promote physical activity behaviors in children and their parents.
Professor Amy Ha, founder and President of the Hong Kong Rope Skipping Association, China, received the Leader of the Year 2016 award on behalf of the association on 16 March 2017

  • Promoting physical activity in primary schoolchildren through family-school support and state-of-the-art technology
  • Promoting physical and health literacy in Hong Kong preschool teachers, children and their families
  • Investigating schoolchildren’s fundamental movement skills, perceived physical competence and exercise enjoyment
  • Does autonomous motivation predict moderate-to-vigorous physical activity and psychological well-being in Hong Kong schoolchildren?
  • Active Hong Kong, Healthy Citizens – A family-based physical activity, fundamental movement skill, and nutrition program
  • Impact of rope skipping on health-related fitness, fundamental movement skills, bone mineral density, and academic performance in Hong Kong Chinese pre- and early-pubertal girls: A quasi-experiment
  • Increasing Hong Kong Chinese students’ physical activity through fitness infusion and an autonomy supportive learning environment: Evaluation of the SELF-FIT program using a clustered randomized controlled trial
  • Increasing Hong Kong primary children's fundamental movement skills through an assessment -based teacher led intervention using a clustered randomized controlled trial


Amy S. C. HA (夏秀禎)
Associate Dean (Research) and Professor
Teacher Education,
Sports and Physical Activity,
Professional Development
Tel: 3943 6083

Johan Y. Y. NG (吳又言)
Postdoctoral Fellow
Sport and Exercise Psychology,
Motivation to physical education and physical activity
Tel: 3943 6098

Cecilia H. S. CHAN (陳凱詩)
Research Associate
PE Pedagogy,
Teaching and Assessment of Fundamental Movement Skills
Tel: 3943 9440

Juanita S. T. CHEUNG (張善婷)
PhD student
Teaching Education,
Physical Education and Sport Administration,
Physical Activity Participation and Motivation of Girls
Tel: 3943 7166